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 Would you like to develop your own writing style and signature for both personal and professional communication? Do you want more clarity, confidence and legibility in your handwriting?Perhaps leave a legacy for your family?

Get results here with step by step instruction,  free downloads, and practice methods to get you started or to help improve written communication.  There are also handwriting tips, tools and methods for creativity, personal enjoyment, and professional development.

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5 Journaling Benefits to Get You Writing

5 Journaling Benefits to Get You Writing

Journaling has many special benefits, including health and wellness, easing anxiety, improving your handwriting, planning for personal goals, and more. Does your mind go blank when you think about journaling? Once you get started, there are definite benefits to...

Common Handwriting Problems & Solutions

Common Handwriting Problems & Solutions

Handwriting is a personal expression of our visual communication. It's an important connection of our personal and business relationships, although we often don't pay any attention to how we actually write and how it looks. Problem #1: Messy, rushed handwriting Often...

A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Diana. I love the passion and power of writing with pen to paper.  Writing can be a beautiful and creative experience! 

I’m a lifelong handwriting enthusiast, enjoying lettering, journaling, and leaving a visual written legacy for my family. I am passionate about developing and preserving handwriting skills for both personal and professional development for others. Express your own distinctive writing style and enrich your personal communication!


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