Handwriting is a personal expression of our visual communication. It’s an important connection of our personal and business relationships, although we often don’t pay any attention to how we actually write and how it looks.

Problem #1: Messy, rushed handwriting

Often we hurry through our writing, rather than pause and think about what we are trying to communicate.

Solution #1: Slow down when writing

Spend a moment to think about what you want to communicate, and the words you want to say.

When you spend time in the process of writing, the letters that you form in each word will then become more consistent in size and the spacing is more uniform than writing quickly. Your communication has more meaning as you take the time to write. Just merely slowing down to focus on your message will automatically benefit the appearance of your handwriting, and make the moment more enjoyable to you.

Problem #2: Not having enough room to write

Writing needs physical room to flow.

Solution #2: Create a place or space to write

Good handwriting procedures are simple if you have room to breathe and space to write.

Here is the basic guideline to get you set for writing:

  • Use a flattered uncluttered surface with room for both your forearms to lay flat on top.
  • Sit straight with feet on the floor. Good posture is important!
  • You need a notepad or paper, along with a pen (or pencil) that you like to write with.
  • Good lighting if necessary, so you can clearly see what and how you are writing.
  • Compose your thoughts. It’s best to already have some ideas about what you would like to write.
  • Finally, flex your fingers, take a deep breath, and start writing!

Problem #3: Not writing by hand often enough

We are out of the natural habit of writing and usually type or text instead.

handwriting, write a note, business writing
Taking Time to Write

Solution #3: Create time to write

Make a point to spend 10 minutes a day just to write.

Technology makes it so easy to type or voice-to-text notes and messages, that we have lost the pleasure of taking time to write. Although writing may not seem pleasurable to you right now, just taking a break and spending time on your thoughts or creative writing can very beneficial to stress relief and personal development.

Here are some ideas that can take just 10 minutes of break time:

  • Journaling
  • Hello note to a friend or relative
  • Thank you note
  • Dreams and/or goals
  • 10 minute brain dump
  • List of weekday or weekend plans
  • Write a paragraph on anything

Having the right tools available helps, so keep a notebook or journal and pen that you like in your desk or bag for when you want to take a break. Create the good habit of time to yourself, and you will see your handwriting improve as you spend more time writing.

Problem #4: Never learning to write correctly

Handwriting may not have been a priority with other school subjects.

handwriting notebook
School Writing Notebook

Solution #4: Spend time reviewing or relearning the handwriting basics

A handwriting refresher course or video will help to refocus on letter and word formation.

Sometimes just spending the time to practice writing your signature adds a lot of clarity and shows your distinctive personality in your writing style. There are handwriting videos links on www.rooneywriting.com, along with quick refreshers such as holding a writing instrument and getting ready to write. You can also find full videos on writing every letter of the alphabet.

You can download the free handwriting guide at www.rooneywriting.com/freegift to get you started!