Journaling has many special benefits, including health and wellness, easing anxiety, improving your handwriting, planning for personal goals, and more.

Does your mind go blank when you think about journaling? Once you get started, there are definite benefits to consistent journal writing whether you are interested in daily journaling or just want to write when the mood strikes These are 5 benefits of journaling that can keep me centered, focused, and moving forward in my life. There are more advantages to having a regular writing habit, as you may discover in your own creative writing process.

1. Journaling helps to define your specific goals and vision.

Defined goals and purposeful vision can become a road map of action for your future. At the beginning of every month and year, try to take some time to reflect and write out some goals, plans and projects to achieve in an upcoming time period. When you visualize goals and then write them down, they have a better chance of achievement because you have created a plan of action. You also have the wonderful sense of success as you reflect back and see what you have accomplished.

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Create a Gratitude Journal

2. Journaling creates an attitude of gratitude.

Journaling captures the times of gratefulness in your life. This can be a mental health benefit for everyone, as it puts the writer in an optimistic mood space to recognize the positive things in their life. As a result, it trains your mindset to see the good in even the small things surrounding you, and to make a note of it. A gratitude journal serves as a record of personal joy, kindnesses and peacefulness. When you need a cheerful remembrance, you can reflect back with journal memories.

I have used the Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day which is concise, well thought out and can motivate you to journal daily with it’s simple format.

3. Journaling promotes mindfulness.

The habit of journaling allows you to create a quiet time to pause, think, reflect, and focus on what you want to write about. You slip into a state of calmness and centeredness to concentrate on what you are writing. Even just 10 minutes of sitting in peace has a healthful benefit. This article gives more info, and details, information and disclaimers about that website can be found at

Mental health information at Psych Central

4. Journaling can help improve your penmanship.

There are not many times during the day when you can write and not choose to type or text. Journaling is a perfect time to slow down and concentrate on handwriting, because writing tends to get messy and rushed without focus. Your handwriting truly benefits as a result, because you take time to be thoughtful about your words and phrasing. You can enjoy this time to develop your handwriting style too.

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Creating a Legacy with Journaling

5. Journaling can create a legacy for your family.

You are crafting a priceless memory for generations as you journal. This is a snapshot of time in your life through your own eyes and written in your own hand. For instance, my son and daughter-in-law personalize their journals with a monthly Polaroid snapshot of their baby daughter. It creates both a beautiful visual and written memory of their life’s journey together.

Something like this is a memorable gift that only you can create. It is a thoughtful and personal treasure for your family.

You can find quality journals in specialty stores and online. One of my favorite places to find a beautiful selection of journals is at Barnes & Noble. I like to visit the store to personally check them out. Browse for them at . They have beautifully crafted leather journals, classic journal diaries, inspiring travel journals and many wonderful gift ideas too.

I think that having a beautiful pen or colored pen assortment adds to your journaling experience with fun and creativity. The Pilot G2 Gel Pen is my regular pen for both everyday writing or special journaling. It is available in a variety of fonts and colors. Whatever you choose, enjoy your journaling!

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Pilot G2 Gel Pens